About the TYC Book Club

TYC Book Club

Linda Maddigan and Denise David are the Co-Chairs of the TYC Book Club.

The book club is a welcoming group of TYC members. During the boating season, we meet at TYC.  We sometimes meet outside, but more often we gather around a table or two in the clubhouse. Most of the members at the meeting have read the book but not always. Sometimes a member will race in saying she did not have time to quite finish the book, but she did not want to miss the discussion so she came anyway. We know how busy life can get. 

From meeting to meeting the group may change. Again, people have other commitments and cannot always manage to get to book club, but we are happy to have people attend whenever they can, and we are grateful for a very devoted core of readers. If you have been shy about coming or are not sure if you will know everyone, don't worry, you are truly welcome.

Book club is a place where people talk about interesting things. It is about sharing our own reactions to the books we read. We are not bound by any single reading or "correct answer." We have come to know each other, and maybe even ourselves, better, as we think about the ideas in the books we read.
 We hope to see those who have come in the past return, and we would be very happy to have anyone who has not come before join us.  The 2019 Reading Season should be a good one. Let the reading begin.

Below a lively discussion of Where the Crawdads Sing on a beautiful August morning. We enjoyed the book!

October meeting of Book Club in 2020. We finished the 2020 reading season meeting outdoors. We had a lively and interesting reading of American Dirt. 

Even during the Pandemic our loyal readers gathered together and shared insights about books; we did not miss a meeting this year!

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